Established in 2007, the Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal is a publication run by second and third year students from The Texas Tech University School of Law.  The EPJ contains scholarly articles written by national and international experts in the fields of estate planning, community property, and related legal topics.  The EPJ also features outstanding student comments written by second-year Staff Editors of the journal.  Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law Gerry W. Beyer serves as the faculty advisor for the EPJ.

This publication is the only legal journal of its kind committed to community property law, and the second in the nation devoted to estate planning.  The goal of the EPJ is to advance legal scholarship by publishing the finest articles written nationally and internationally in cutting-edge areas of the law.  The EPJ also seeks to provide thought-provoking commentary and guidance to practitioners in the field to supplement their existing expertise.  The EPJ’s audience includes practicing attorneys, judges, law professors, law students, and others, both nationally and globally.  With the aforementioned goals in mind, the EPJ actively seeks and selects articles, essays, symposium pieces, and comments that remain at the forefront of critical legal thinking in these important areas of the law.

The Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal is available in print on a semi-annual basis and is accessible online via Westlaw.  Another exciting focal point of EPJ is its online companion, The Codicil, which augments the printed issues with up-to-date legal information.

Each year, the EPJ sponsors and hosts a stunning Estate Planning CLE and Expo featuring well-known attorneys, judges, and academics from around the nation. Held at the Texas Tech School of Law, this event gives the EPJ members a tremendous opportunity to network with the elite members of the estate planning community, while simultaneously expanding the knowledge base of many legal professionals.